27 October, 2016

Journey to $100 a Day w/ Youtube Adsense

On all my past journey's I have been beating round the bush. Meaning, I have been focusing too much on affilaite marketing. Although profitable, I know the ins and outs of youtube; so why am I not focusing on adsense?

So that's what I did.

In the past 5 days, I posted 5 videos (not related to affiliate marketing) on my channel.

The first thing I noticed was my audience retention skyrocketed. This meant I was gaining ranks REALLY fast.

my realtime views (last 48 hours) used to be around 4,000 views. Now it's 12,000+ and counting this change occurred in the last 3-2 days.

You don't and shouldnt need to buy views.

I made a more in depth guide about buying views, how to rank and audience retention: https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/g...-audience-retention-general-yt-growth.887159/

Here are my adsense earnings for the past 7 days


And now that I have changed my video style, I will see some big improvements on views and earnings.

I'm from England, but I will keep earnings on dollars ($) so it's easier for everyone to estimate earnings for their own currency.

I should note that I am now trying to upload 1 video a day.

Currently at approx 14,000 subs.

14 videos, only about 8 are generating a lot of views, most of which are from the video I upload a few days ago!

Thanks for following!